Brad and Joolz – Warrington Tipi Unique wedding

Lester meadows played host to Brad and Joolz’s Tipi Unique wedding.

Where would you even start with this one. Talk about not letting a bit of rain dampen your spirits. It poured from start until almost finish.

You would think the deluge of rain would be enough to terrify most brides and grooms. Not these two. What utterly brilliant characters they are.

What was supposed to be an outdoor hand fasting ceremony had to be altered that morning. So everyone is huddled under the Tipi thats supposed to be for the reception watching these two ‘tie the knot’. I ventured out for a couple of pics. It looked so good it was worth the drenching. They are also some of my favourite ceremony pics ever. They say it all with those grey skies and water droplets.

Post ceremony was more of the same really. No one wanted to be out there. That didn’t change the atmosphere though. These lot were up for a party and they weren’t waiting for any further formalities. I was in my element here, so much going on. No one even cared as the rain kept pelting down. Good job the Tipi Unique crew were on hand to oversee the smooth running of proceedings.

I could do this kind of wedding everyday! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these crazy cats. I would also highly recommend a tipi unique wedding. They really did a great job on the day too.

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Venue – Lester Meadows
Tipi – Tipi Unique



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