Nathan and Jules – Fremantle couples shoot

Hopefully some day I will be a Perth wedding photographer. Or even a Western Australia wedding photographer. We spent about 3 weeks in Western Australia at the end of last year. It really is a beautiful part of the world.

I met Nathan and Julie in Fremantle. Fremantle is…well its brilliant. We could’ve stayed there. This may sound an odd comparison but the arts culture and small businesses reminded me of Manchester’s Northern quarter. Except Freo has sunshine and warmth, what more could you want!?

Nathan and Julie are a right pair. They had me in stitches. I instantly saw their connection and shared humour. You can probably tell from some of the expressions!

We wandered around the eclectic streets for an evening exploring and chatting away. It really was an aesthetic treat. We even got questioned by the police for yoyo-ing next to a officers car. Luckily not a punishable offence. What rebels we are.

Enjoy the pictures!



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