Josh and Victoria – Saltmarshe Hall wedding

When I get an enquiry for Saltmarshe hall wedding photography I get excited. Josh and Victoria’s was no exception.

The Ceremony.

It was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony but the decision was taken to make it indoor after on and off showers. It didn’t affect the magic at all. Josh waiting to see Victoria was a real sight. He’s got an infectious smile. Both their reactions were just lovely. Smiles are photographic gold.

Guests kicked back on the terrace. We did some group shots and everyone had a good chinwag. We were going to take a few couple photos but the showers meant we waited until later. It was time for food and speeches before we knew it.

The little ones were funny at this wedding. I guess access to sweets a plenty takes care of their mood. That stood out and some guest had brought a wolfs head mask. Yes, you read that right. Take a peek at the pics.


It was at this point I was glad we left the pictures of Josh and Vicky until later. That light was beautiful. Cant beat a sunset for pictures. The grounds make Saltmarshe Hall wedding photography such a dream.

Wedding Cake

This wedding features one of my favourite cake photos I’ve ever taken. Random but very much true. It all came together just right.

Party Time

The main evening party wasn’t within Saltmarshe Hall itself. They actually had a marquee to accommodate the larger numbers of evening guests. A first dance with lifts, a belter of a wedding band and some well inebriated guests. What more could you ever want!?

Yorkshire Wedding photography

Theres something about Yorkshire Weddings. I can’t put my finger on it. I just love the atmosphere. If you’re planning a Saltmarshe Hall wedding I would love to hear from you. You can use my contact form here.

Venue- Saltmarshe Hall –



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