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Tom and Abbi – Carbis Bay Hotel wedding

Being a Carbis Bay hotel wedding photographer was a wonderful experience. It was the first time I’d flown to Cornwall. I cannot recommend it enough. Leeds bradford to Newquay for about 50 quid, whats not to love. I guess you will want to hear a bit about the actual wedding though. Its starting to sound a bit like a bad travel diary.

The day started in St Ives for preparations with Abbi. We caught a lift in a split screen camper. Is there a better way for getting around the Cornish coast!?

Carbis Bay is a beautiful corner of this country. The blue waters meeting the light sand beaches. Not exactly a typical English seaside scene. The ceremony was a Carbis Bay Hotel wedding overlooking the water. It wasn’t long after the ceremony that all the guests were out and onto the sands.

There’s something special about being on the beach on your wedding day isn’t there? Well you could tell everyone felt that. It was the perfect backdrop for photographs. We ended up spending a good while down there before we headed up to the Hotel.

The wedding breakfast, well that was fish and chips. Obviously. A beach wedding needs typical seaside food. Confetti waited until after the food because we all got a bit carried away and forgot. Although it was more of a chance for Abbi’s sister to throw as much confetti as possible in her face and down her dress. Hence the attempt at flushing it all out moments later.

The evening was the most wild one I had seen for a while. It was certainly memorable. Between Tom and Abbi getting thrown in the air there was quite the dancing display. Wild is definitely the word.

Sparklers and Fireworks finished off the most amazing of wedding days. Fireworks going off in a huge display over the dark bay was a spectacular ending if you ask me. Everyone that attended this wedding- you’re all brilliant human beings.

But theres more…The next day there was a surprise horse ride organised. How incredible do Tom and Abbi look on those beautiful beasts? As if that wasn’t enough, going paddle boarding was also on the cards. Paddle baording and wedding attire don’t really go hand in hand. It certainly did provide infinite amounts of laughter as both Tom and Abbi fell into the water. I guess as a final wedding activity thats quite different.

Enjoy the pictures of Tom and Abbi’s Carbis Bay Hotel Wedding. If you’re planning a Carbis bay hotel wedding you can contact me here.

Venue – Carbis Bay Hotel
Make up and Hair – Samantha Lyann


What an amazing blog, thank you for giving us so many fabulous natural photographs to treasure forever. We knew we wanted @henrylowther from first planning the wedding and these pictures prove why. A very special day that will never be forgotten

Thank you so much for all the kind words, Marie. You all made it so memorable and special, it was a real pleasure!
I hope you’re well.



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