James and Emma – The Pumping house

The Pumping house is so unapologetically industrial. Its striking and harsh and you can’t help but love it. James and Emma are both creative souls. Heck, Emma did all the table decor and generally put her stamp well and truly on the day. Thats a match made in heaven, I could see why they picked here.

The wedding.

This was the first wedding I shot in 2019. I don’t know if thats useless trivia but its a fact. What a way to kick the year off. Emma had Amy George on makeup duties, an excellent choice. Just look at her dress. A two piece with tassels is a bit good isn’t it, not exactly a typical wedding dress.

James started the day being serenaded by his best man Ricky. It was a very musical wedding. I guess that needs explaining a little better. James and Ricky are both memebers of The Buzztones, they featured heavily throughout the day! Again though, there was a lot of love for James suit and even more so his tie.

I love a good reaction and James and Emma’s didn’t disappoint. Seeing them see each other in the ceremony room was magical. The Buzztones provided the backing track to the register signing and before long everyone was walking out. Led by the couple arms aloft.


Ok so while it may not need its own title it was blooming spectacular. Just look at the amount of it.

A woodland walk.

With the formality of the ceremony out the way. We took a stroll for some pictures. Emma’s beautiful bouquet from Tracy at Cambells Flowers was unique. In the wooded paths surrounding the Pumping House it was a welcomed splash of colour. The perfect celebration of Emma’s love for British wildflowers along side her South African roots.

James and Emma even clambered up onto an industrial beam. I could’ve photographed these two all day. They were such characters!

Tapas is served.

Food time. What a taste sensation awaited. Anti pasti boards towered high with meats, cheese, olives etc. It was lovely to have the speeches naturally occur during the meal. A particular highlight of the speeches was best man Ricky’s comedy timeline of James’ life. To finish was a choice of Lemon Sorbet or Tiramisu. Im all about the Tiramisu, how about you?

First cake and Dance cutting.

A table of cakes actually. I didn’t taste these but they looked superb. Well, one got cut then it was time for the first dance. It was heels off for Emma, a symbolic start to the madness.

I love a lively dance floor and this delivered. What an end to a such a personal and heartfelt day.

The suppliers.

Venue – The Pumping House, Ollerton
Florist- Campbells Flowers
Band- The Buzztones
Dress- Charlie Brear
Catering- Gail Dandy
Make up artist- Amy George

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